Prof Marek Kowalkiewicz | Director of Centre for the Digital Economy
Queensland University of Technology

Prof Marek Kowalkiewicz, Director of Centre for the Digital Economy, Queensland University of Technology

Marek is the founding director of QUT Research Centre for the Digital Economy, following his five-year appointment as PwC Chair in Digital Economy, a joint initiative of PwC, Queensland Government, Brisbane Marketing, and QUT. As the centre director, he leads QUT’s research agenda to inform and influence a robust digital economy in Australia.

He joined QUT from Silicon Valley, where he led innovation teams of one of the largest enterprise software vendors in the world, as a Senior Director at SAP. Before Silicon Valley, Marek worked in Singapore as Research Manager of the largest SAP Research lab in Asia. Prior to that, Marek was a Global Research Program Lead of one of SAP’s main research programs, as well as a Research Fellow at Microsoft Research Asia. Marek is passionate about bringing academic rigour, design mindset, and business insights together, to capitalise on the opportunities of the digital age. He holds fifteen patents describing his numerous contributions to enterprise software systems.

Marek shares his knowledge with wider communities through podcasts, newsletters, keynotes. He is a member of the Library Board of Queensland, Queensland AI Hub Advisory Board, and the Ministerial ICT Advisory Committee. In 2016, as a member of Opportunities for Personalised Transport Review Taskforce, he helped shape Queensland’s ride-sharing legislation. Marek frequently contributes to public sector digital transformation initiatives on federal, state, and local levels.
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Day 1 @ 09:25

Thriving in the digital economy. Are you digitising or digitalising?

The digital economy has been a significant positive trend in the world and a big headache for many of us who do not want to fall behind. It is no longer enough for organisations to focus on process improvements, automation or cost reduction. To thrive in the digital economy, it is critical to be able to look for new opportunities, find and capitalise on them.In his session, Marek will discuss the significant difference between digitising and digitalising an organisation and discuss where and when each of the two approaches is important. He will introduce new ways of looking at customers and partners, creating a broader perspective beyond product and service features and industry boundaries. He will also talk about the new, emerging economy of algorithms. And finally, he will cover the concept of systemic ideation, allowing organisations to approach innovation in a much more predictable way.Most importantly, he’ll make you ask yourself one question: are you digitising or digitalising?
last published: 16/Aug/21 09:05 GMT
last published: 16/Aug/21 09:05 GMT
last published: 16/Aug/21 09:05 GMT

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