Peter Hutton | Governor
Future Schools Alliance | Australia

Peter Hutton, Governor, Future Schools Alliance

Peter’s strength is in transformational insight and HOW to implement significant pedagogical, organisational and cultural change in schools. Peter’s expertise extends to change management, student entrepreneurship,individualised learning, alternative tertiary pathways and supporting dyslexic students.

Peter has extensive leadership experience in both the state and independent school systems where he has led significant successful innovation in both sectors. As a person with dyslexia, Peter sees the world differently, and has spent his life challenging assumptions and conventions.

Drawing on the latest research and his unique experiences, Peter is committed to significantly improving the lives of young people by transforming the education system to equip students for times of exponential change.


Day 1 @ 13:30

Big ideas for big transformation

In this session we will discuss:
  • What if we adopted a new goal for schooling?
  • Let’s drop the production model and consider fulfilment*
  • How does this change how a learning community could function?
last published: 08/Nov/20 22:25 GMT
last published: 08/Nov/20 22:25 GMT
last published: 08/Nov/20 22:25 GMT

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