Pawan Lalwani | Digital Quality Specialist, Edge Learning Design & Innovation Unit
Swinburne University of Technology

Pawan Lalwani, Digital Quality Specialist, Edge Learning Design & Innovation Unit, Swinburne University of Technology

Pawan is a seasoned edtech leader with a proven track record for making education fun and immersive through gamification. He has over a decade of experience in the education technology industry and is the founder of "Language Your Way," a platform that leverages game-based learning to improve student results. Using a combination of LMS, eLearning authoring tools, game engines, and animation tools, Pawan creates interactive and engaging learning experiences. Presently, Pawan works as a Digital Quality Specialist at Swinburne Edge's Learning Design and Innovation unit. He oversees the quality management system, reviews eLearns for quality and accessibility, and collaborates with Digital Learning Designers to develop new gamified learning activities that boost student engagement and outcomes.
The Learning Design and Innovation team
The Learning Design and innovation unit within Swinburne Edge consists of an Instructional Design and Digital Innovation team that work collaboratively with our network of industry and subject matter experts to provide customised digital learning solutions to a range of audiences including corporate and government clients. We work across various sectors including aviation,  health care, taxation and renewable energy. The solutions we provide vary based on client requirements, needs, and challenges and may include (but not limited to):
•    The design of courses, micro-credentials and programs such as compliance training that meet specific industry and organisational requirements.
•    the creation of digital learning experiences though interactive learning modules.
•    the digital transformation of existing learning content to be delivered for online or blended delivery.
•    the uplifting of existing training courses through the use of instructional and digital learning design best practices, where applicable.
•    the custom development of educational applications or plugins.
•    technology consulting.

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