Nicky Mohan | Director
InfoSavvy21 | Canada

Nicky Mohan, Director, InfoSavvy21

During the last 10 years, she has made hundreds of presentations in more than a dozen countries. Sharing her time between Canada and New Zealand, Nicky worked as the Director of Curriculum for the 21st Century Fluency Group. She lead a team of international writers in designing lesson plans that embedded the 21st Century Fluency skills to develop real world just-in-time teaching and learning experiences that were relevant to both teachers and students. Nicky is currently the Director of The InfoSavvy Group,an international educational consulting firm.

Together with Ryan Schaaf, she has just finished her first book, Making School a Game Worth Playing: Digital Games In the Classroom. She is currently at work on a second book on digital learning styles.

Nicky wants to make a difference where it matters most – and that starts with Education. Her mission is to help teachers in different settings and working conditions look beyond their surface differences, to discover what they have in common: a restless drive to improve learning for all students. She wants our conversations as educators to shift from “why that won’t work here,” to “learn, adapt, share and grow together.”


Day 1 @ 12:00

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Education: Are You Ready For It?

last published: 04/Mar/20 06:35 GMT
last published: 04/Mar/20 06:35 GMT
last published: 04/Mar/20 06:35 GMT

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