Michelle Michael | Director, Learning Design and Development Directorate
NSW Department of Education | Australia

Michelle Michael, Director, Learning Design and Development Directorate, NSW Department of Education

Michelle Michael is currently the Director, Educational Support for NSW Department of Education. She was previously the Director, Learning Design and Development for NSW Department of Education. Her current role provides state wide leadership and strategic advice for the implementation of initiatives and reforms that are forward focused and responsive to educational, social and technological developments in the areas of Rural and Remote Education, Multicultural and Anti-Racism Education, High Potential and Gifted Students and Learning from Home Education. Michelle leads a large team of energetic, forward thinking, pedagogical and technical experts who are committed to preparing all students in NSW public schools to meet the challenges of a dynamic regional and global future. Michelle previously held the role of Principal Education Officer (PEO) of the STEM.T4L program for the NSW Department of Education (DoE) Information Technology Directorate (ITD). A flagship project of the NSW Department of Education, the STEM.T4L program supports government schools in NSW by providing them access to expert staff, learning challenges linked to syllabus outcomes, online communities and access to robotics, 3D printing, coding, film-making and virtual reality equipment. In her 27 years with the NSW Department of Education, Michelle has held senior leadership roles at Taronga Zoo, Climate Change Education, Arts Education and at a school level. A regular key note speaker and panel member, Michelle has presented alongside leading world experts including Sir Ken Robinson.


Day 1 @ 11:00

NSW Public Schools - Digital Direction

In a post-pandemic reality where to next for NSW Public Schools? Join leaders from the NSW Education team as they discuss: - How will we prepare our students for an increasingly digital future? - How are we ensuring digital equity? - How will the classroom of tomorrow change to leverage the digital?WHY ATTEND?Hear from leaders in the NSW Department of Education about their plan for a digital futureDiscover how the digital will empower classrooms of today and tomorrowUnderstand the key challenges the digital world presents the classroom and how to respond

Day 1 @ 12:30

Seismic solutions for a shifting education landscape

The educational landscape has undergone a seismic shift in response to the COVID crisis. Through the crisis, we have all been presented with an opportunity for an ‘education reset’. A chance for us to evaluate the way we work and question how we can do things differently. Just as the business world underwent severe ‘supply chain shock,’ educators globally had to manage the disrupted flow of curriculum delivery. New technologies were adopted by the NSW Department of Education and many other education systems around the world.In this panel discussion, we will discuss the uptake of specific technologies and delivery platforms during the ‘Learning from home’ experience and we will explore the growing use of AI (Artificial Intelligence) in education.

Day 1 @ 14:00

What is your school vision for digital devices?

Today’s students have a vastly different digital experience to their parents and most of their teachers. They engage in technology on a daily basis to play, learn and work. As student’s progress through their education this has become even more important. They also need to develop digital skills and capabilities to thrive at school and beyond. This year the NSW Department of Education released a new policy to support schools manage student use of digital devices and online services.WHY ATTEND
  • Discover how the policy aims to balance the benefits and risks of student use of digital technology in and out of school.
  • Learn about the resources developed to support schools, implement any changes and support their students to use digital technology safely, respectfully and responsibly.
  • Hear what students told us about using digital technology in schools.

Day 2 @ 16:00

The Digital Accelerator

Join this session to learn how you can take static classroom resources and convert them into interactive curriculum aligned interactive contentWHY ATTEND
  • Learn how to digitise high-quality resources
  • Discover how technology can have a real impact in the maths classroom
last published: 21/Oct/20 05:55 GMT
last published: 21/Oct/20 05:55 GMT
last published: 21/Oct/20 05:55 GMT

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