Michael Murphy | Maths Learning Area Leader
Norwood International High School

Michael Murphy, Maths Learning Area Leader, Norwood International High School

Michael is a father, a friend, a learner, and a leader, who lives, learns, and works on Kaurna Land, in South Australia. His purpose in education is to inspire, motivate and support people to live well in a world worth living in. His work has been exhibited at international conferences, as well as published in Australian Journals. Michael is known for his commitment to developing collective staff emotional intelligence. Staff he works with appreciate truly distributed leadership models, engaging faculty projects and rewarding working environment. He is an award winning leader, with a 2023 Excellence Award for Department Head of the Year at the Australian Education Awards, and Pip Field Emerging Leader award from ACEL. In 2022 Michael was a recipient of the ACEL New Voice Scholarship, highlighting his ability to lead beyond his school-based role, also contributing to published research, mentorship of aspiring leaders, and through his role as an initial teacher educator at the University of Adelaide.


Day 2 @ 11:20

Developing N! (N factorial) the support and extension arm of the mathematics

last published: 08/Jun/23 03:25 GMT

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