Matthew Robinson | ICT and Facilities Manager
Lowanna College

Matthew Robinson, ICT and Facilities Manager, Lowanna College

Matt has had significant involvement in developing and sharing strategies to support schools and student learning around the 1:1/BYOD technologies around Australia for 14 years. At Lowanna College he is the IT and Facilities Manager who is responsible for managing one of the largest, business-grade, single-site ICT networks in the Gippsland region, rivalling local hospitals, universities and the power industry. He also manages the Facilities/Maintenance departments and OHS in the school. These roles gives Matt a great breath of scope and knowledge about the ins and outs of the school. 

As a co-founder of the Education Technology Consortium Victoria (ETCV), Matt leads collaboration between the IT Managers and curriculum leaders driving some of Victoria most innovate School IT programs.  ETCV aims to develop best practice in the delivery of IT services to improve learning and teaching.


Day 2 @ 11:05

PANEL - Digital Transformation

With ICT underpinning almost all aspects of running a school, it's important that schools have access to actionable data that can inform future direction and improvements.In this session panellists will share how the Simple Framework for Digital Transformation has been used in a variety of school contexts to make evidenced-based decisions that create a culture of confident and effective technology use.
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last published: 04/Aug/21 10:15 GMT
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