Mark Mendez-Cortes | Esports Coordinator
Chisholm Catholic College | Australia

Mark Mendez-Cortes, Esports Coordinator, Chisholm Catholic College

Mark Mendez-Cortes is renowned for his passion and commitment to providing innovative and authentic learning experiences for his students. In 2018, Mark established the successful Chisholm esports program, transforming the culture of high school esports into a holistic look at health in a competitive digital environment. Mark has over 10 years’ experience in education, including leading and developing school culture. 

By empowering teachers in both Catholic and Education Queensland systems, he has developed representative teams, led district-wide esports tournaments supported by The University of Queensland, and constructed development programs including gym and training schedules for students across multiple competitive digital platforms. Join him as he unpacks a holistic approach to high school esports and reminds us why unique opportunities are crucial for future learners.

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