Maria Spies | Co-Founder And Managing Director

Maria Spies, Co-Founder And Managing Director, Holoniq

Maria is a Founder and Co-CEO of HolonIQ, the world’s leading impact intelligence platform.

Prior to HolonIQ, Maria was the head of digital learning futures for a $40m corporate VC fund. She has worked in public and private higher education for over 20 years in Asia and Australia specializing in 
transforming education through technology. As the global head of Learning & Teaching Services for a global education company, Maria built and led global innovation teams, driving innovation in 
curriculum, teaching and the student experience in over 50 countries.


Day 1 @ 11:00

The State of Education Innovation

In a borderless digital education world, the barriers to impacting learners around the world are reduced or even removed. Where does Australia sit on the global EdTech stage? Are we punching above our weight? What are the opportunities to impact an even greater number of learners here and the far-flung corners of the globe?
last published: 16/Aug/21 09:05 GMT
last published: 16/Aug/21 09:05 GMT
last published: 16/Aug/21 09:05 GMT

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