Margie Raymond | Co-ordinator of Certificate of Global Competency
Knox Grammar School

Margie Raymond, Co-ordinator of Certificate of Global Competency, Knox Grammar School

For the past 25 years Margie has been developing and creating inclusive classroom environments which push the boundaries of inter-disciplinary learning and collaboration. 

She is a passionate and experienced educator holding a number of pastoral and co-ordination roles. A K-12 qualified educator, Margie sees the importance of encouraging each student to develop the skills and character for life-long learning. 
Margie is an accomplished educator with a Bachelor of Education, a Masters of Primary Teaching and a Masters of Educational Leadership  with a focus on student leadership.

Together with co-ordination and development of the Certificate of Global Competency, she has and continues to look into the power of Positive Psychology to harness adolescents capability to build leadership through a strengths-base approach.

Margie has most recently completed a Practising Certificate in Wellbeing through the Positive Psychology Institute (PPI). This has lead to a focus for the certificate to encompass both a skills and strengths base foundation in leading the global competency program to develop, recognise and guide students in the Senior School to achieve their personal best.


Day 1 @ 15:00

Certificate of Global Competency – Credentials beyond the curriculum

  • The implementation of a program to recognise, reward and encourage students to be challenged beyond the curriculum
  • Connecting with external schools, providers and university partnerships to promote a culture of personalised learning, collaboration and validation
  • How to empower all stakeholders in a certification program which builds capacity in both students and staff
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