Maggie Macdonnell | Global Teacher Prize Winner 2017
The million dollar teacher | Canada

Maggie Macdonnell, Global Teacher Prize Winner 2017, The million dollar teacher

Maggie MacDonnell, aka “The Million Dollar Teacher” is the winner of the Global Teacher Prize, a $1 Million US award considered to be the Nobel Prize of Education. Maggie was chosen from over 20,000 nominated teachers from 179 countries. Her work has spanned diverse communities and populations – including working with; Congolese and Burundian refugees, young Tanzanians living with HIV/AIDS, to Indigenous Inuit living in the Canadian Arctic. She brings a community development approach to her teaching style, cares deeply about removing gendered barriers in learning environments, and believes education can be used to “de-colonize”. She loves movement and using physical activity as a tool to engage with youth.

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