Lora Blackman | Education Innovation Practice Lead

Lora Blackman, Education Innovation Practice Lead, Datacom

Lora has worked in the education sector for more than 25 years in K-12 schools and at an Education Department level as a Digital Learning Leader, and Director of Innovation and Design Thinking. She is the Education Innovation Practice Lead with Datacom, specialising in developing programs for schools using Australian and international research, Government policy and Australian Curriculum. With a particular focus on research and frameworks for learning with technology, Lora supports teachers and students in the responsible, creative and critical use of digital technologies. She collaborates with schools to provide data-informed plans for leveraging technology to impact student outcomes by transforming the quality and relevance of education. She is currently pursuing higher degree research to create knowledge of the core transferable skills that lead to long term job success in a digitally driven workplace and creating a skills self-assessment tool for students with a work ready profile. Lora has a passion for pedagogical leadership, using professional knowledge, supported by research and evidence, to equip and support schools as learning organisations, where success with innovation is shaped by the teachers who own the transformation.


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PANEL - Student’s skills beyond school – what matters most

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