Lesley Parker | Associate Director
Flinders University of South Australia

Lesley Parker, Associate Director, Flinders University of South Australia

Lesley looks for the joy in work. What is it that brings teams together to create joy..... I am a servant leader ready to put myself out into the uncomfortableness to enable teams to perform. 

Lesley focus' on her people, customers, providers; and the services they need. Then she leads teams to deliver joy. She encourages debate, diversity and fun. Lesley is fortunate to work with extremely committed and passionate people. Her focus on Agile Delivery means we have continual discussions on value- perceived or real. 

She has worked in Higher Ed for over a decade, prior to that Lesley worked in the Disability support sector and Medical Practices. Her joy is in investigating and analysing information systems- all facets- people, process, data, tech and how we can influence these to provide.

Lesley has the formal qualifications to back it all up and provide structure and influence to my strategies (MBA, Information Systems, IT and project management). She likes to learn, observe, try, fail and succeed. Lesley can work out who she needs to know and whose influence she needs to get things done.


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