Leigh Johnson | Principal
Harkaway Primary School

Leigh Johnson, Principal, Harkaway Primary School

Hidden away in the South China Sea Leigh started his teaching career on a tropical island in front of tourism students and English language teachers. That was the mid ‘90s. He’s since learned a few things.

When asked “What are schools for?” The answer is an unambiguous ‘Schools afford learner agency’. 

With a couple of master’s degrees and principalships tucked under his arm Leigh is energised by leading learners to harness the power of educational technologies to shape their world. 

As the 2019 DATTA Vic Primary Educator of the Year Award winner, Leigh is committed to innovation in technology education.

Leigh does this from the ‘whiteboard’ as a science / technology educator and from the the ‘staffroom’ serving in the principal role.

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