Dr Kristy Corser | Research Fellow
Queensland University of Technology

Dr Kristy Corser, Research Fellow, Queensland University of Technology

Kristy has been working in the education sector for many years, including being an early adopter of technology in classroom pedagogy and then going on to supporting teachers in using technology to enhance teaching and learning. At Datacom as the Education Transformation Lead, Kristy worked with State Education Departments, Dioceses and Independent sectors across Australia at the policy level to assist with meaningful technology integration. Today, Kristy a Research Fellow at Queensland University of Technology within the Centre of Excellence for the Digital Child.


Day 1 @ 11:20

Supporting teachers with qualitative feedback to assist with productive 21st century pedagogy

There are powerful possibilities for educators to support and foster personalised learning, diversity, collaboration, communication and inclusiveness for their students with access to technology. Combined with appropriate pedagogy, technology has the potential to imbue many of the ‘life skills’ required to actively participate in the information society, thus preparing students for the world that awaits them. Transformational teaching and learning using technology is imperative given the job market our students of today will be confronted with and will revolve around the life skills required for the knowledge economy. Support teachers & schools by providing them with qualitative and supportive feedback where they may be in their pedagogy as it relates to technology in the classroom.

Day 2 @ 10:00

PANEL - Student’s skills beyond school – what matters most

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