Kirsty Watts | Academic Dean of Technology/eLearning
Kilvington Grammar School | Australia

Kirsty Watts, Academic Dean of Technology/eLearning, Kilvington Grammar School

Kirsty Watts is the Academic Dean of Technology & eLearning at Kilvington Grammar School in Melbourne and has been working at Kilvington Grammar school since 2010.

Kirsty teaches Digital Technologies and holds a Bachelor's degree in both Science, with a Major in Mathematical Modelling and Secondary Teaching.  Kirsty also holds a Masters of Information and Communication Technology in Education and is currently completing a Masters of Education (Digital Technologies).

With experience in E-Learning, K-12 Education, Educational Technology, Instructional Design, and Curriculum Development, Kirsty’s focus is on integrating technology into all levels of education. Her work includes the implementation of Schoolbox as a Learning Management System in recent years as well as Microsoft Teams for remote learning.

She is also actively involved as a Volunteer Program Manager with Go Girl, Go for IT a program run by the Victorian ICT for Women network, an industry-driven initiative that aims to support and enable entry, retention and progression for women working in ICT.


Day 1 @ 14:00

How to support existing and emerging pedagogies in schools using Content Aggregators and eReading software? Challenges and benefits of accessing content digitally

ReadCloud has an opportunity to host a roundtable discussion at this year’s virtual EduTech conference.We see it timely to discuss alternate Teaching and Learning strategies and delve into differing perspectives on the role of content aggregators and eReading software both in and out of the classroom.Even before COVID many Educators began digitalising their classrooms. Together with new software and device policies, there is a real opportunity to leverage technology and improve pedagogical practices.This roundtable will discuss how new pedagogies are supported by content aggregators and eReading software.
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last published: 08/Nov/20 22:25 GMT
last published: 08/Nov/20 22:25 GMT

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