Kevin Richardson | Principal
Immanuel College

Kevin Richardson, Principal, Immanuel College

Kevin established the internationally acclaimed Technology School of the Future.  Kevin has held senior executive positions in education in WA, NSW and South Australia.

Kevin has been a leader nation-wide with respect to changes in teaching and learning, particularly in the area of technology. He is highly regarded for his work on futures oriented thinking and the implications for leaders.

As a result, Kevin has been a keynote speaker at several national and international conferences, including being an inaugural speaker at the first International Principals’ Conference in Geneva.  He has been a member of several boards both commercial and not for profit, chair of several national education committees and has been invited to participate in several global “think tanks” on education.

Kevin was awarded the Australian Centenary Medal in 2001 for significant contribution to Education, in particular in the field of technology. 

He has received several fellowship and national awards in recognition for his work in leadership, technology and indigenous education.  Kevin has been awarded both the ACEL Alby Jones award and the McKillop medal by the Australian College of Education.

Kevin Richardson is currently Principal of Immanuel College at Novar Gardens, a position he has held for eighteen years.


Day 1 @ 12:40

Challenging school approaches to learning environments - a biophilic approach to design

Immanuel College is recognised nationally for innovation, particularly in regard to innovation and learning environments.Immanuel’s unique and award-winning designed Senior School had over 4,500 visitors in its first two years of opening and continues to be a lighthouse in creative learning spaces.Kevin will address how he has used student advocacy and voice to deliver environments from Middle School funky, Year 10 mindful and Senior School corporate environment. He will address how students have challenged much of what we know about schooling. A key focus for students is now on an environmental and wellbeing approach.As a result Immanuel is currently developing a new learning environment based on a biophilic approach to design and learning. This will integrate individual students perspectives and needs with a social and environmental approach.Thiswill lead toward a greater interaction with the natural environment.A concept where the landscape and nature permeates into the building on the built environment flows into the natural environment. Additionally there will be a strong focus on environmental and sustainability strategies.
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