Jess Rowlings | Researcher & Speech and Language Pathologist
Melbourne Graduate School of Education

Jess Rowlings, Researcher & Speech and Language Pathologist, Melbourne Graduate School of Education

Jess is a qualified speech and language pathologist and co-founder/CEO of Next Level Collaboration, a social enterprise that runs strength-based programs to support neurodiverse children in developing collaborative skills and social connection through cooperative video games. Jess is also a researcher at the Melbourne Graduate School of Education (University of Melbourne) and specialises in the design and analysis of video game-based intervention to build social capacity in neurodivergent children. Jess’ work is informed by her lived experience of receiving autism and ADHD diagnoses as an adult as well as her lifelong love of games. She is passionate about the use of digital games-based learning to promote inclusion and a sense of belonging, and her work has included developing and running a dedicated Minecraft server to support neurodivergent girls and women. 


Day 2 @ 10:40

Creating inclusive digital settings to support diverse learners

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