Jaslyn Hughes | Global Manager, Customer Value Design
Open LMS

Jaslyn Hughes, Global Manager, Customer Value Design, Open LMS

Jaslyn has worked in the educational technology industry for fifteen years, starting in technical roles before moving into more business-focussed roles. The last decade has seen Jaslyn’s passion expand to include online learning management systems such as the Open LMS and working with clients as a senior liaison to ensure customer success. As an online learning addict she is well-versed in the challenges with making online learning engaging for users and easy to manage for teachers. With a certification in training and assessment and a degree in business management, combined with years of experience, Jaslyn is able to help any organisation kick their product adoption and engagement goals.


Day 1 @ 13:20

ChatGPT: Education’s hero or villain?

ChatGPT, and its Microsoft counterpart, Bard, have captured headlines all over the globe. It has the potential to completely revolutionise the way we work, but when it comes to education do we really have that much to worry about? In this presentation I examine how we can leverage ChatGPT to enhance student learning and discuss some tools teachers can use to review student assignments for AI generated content.

last published: 08/Jun/23 03:25 GMT

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