Dr Ian Hunter | Founder
Writer's Toolbox

Dr Ian Hunter, Founder, Writer's Toolbox

Concerned with falling writing skills among his own university students, in 1998, Ian began what has now been a 25-year action research programme into writing improvement.  As a historian, he looked back at the Age of Composition, and combined discovery learning, Socratic method, Social Learning Theory, and advances in neuroscience to build a new approach to teaching writing.
Responding to demand from schools, in 2011, Ian left academic life to work with educators and schools to improve literacy and writing outcomes.  The outcome of this was the writing programme: Writer’s Toolbox.

Dr Ian Hunter is a best-selling author with over 100 publications, including 20 books.  
His PhD was a finalist in New Zealand’s Montana Book Awards During his 20-year academic career, Ian held positions at four universities: he has given invited lectures at Oxford University and York, and in 2010 was Leverhulme Visiting Professor at Reading University (UK), where he coached teaching staff in innovative teaching strategies and multi-media teaching techniques. 

Spearheading executive education and the teaching of innovation, Ian served for six years as Director of the University of Auckland Business Case Centre, producing teaching cases for executive education in New Zealand and Europe.  In addition, he has worked as a consultant to government and multi-nationals in the areas of innovation, creativity, economic development,  and education. Ian is a qualified business historian; his research has been published in some of the world’s leading academic journals, including Business History and Harvard’s Business History Review.


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