Hassan Baickdeli | Head of Emerging Technology & Solutions
Lenovo (Australia & New Zealand) Pty Limited

Hassan Baickdeli, Head of Emerging Technology & Solutions, Lenovo (Australia & New Zealand) Pty Limited

Leading the emerging technologies and solutions business for Lenovo, Hassan works closely with educational institutions, their educators and students  to delve deep into problems and challenges we are facing with regards to transformation in education. Hassan has worked with many Schools, TAFE’s  and Universities across ANZ, APJ and Globally to help not only understand what is available to them in terms of technology but to also show them what  makes sense in terms of implementation and more importantly learning outcomes. Understanding the importance of getting the transition from “traditional”  ways of learning to “digital” ways of learning is a key element in Hassan’s strategy. Spending the last 25 years working with organisations Hassan has also 
assisted with transformation across other industries such as; government, Health, Mining, Construction, Agriculture and many others to properly help define  challenges and various areas that can be enhanced by Digital Transformation via AI/ML, CIoT, XR, Mobility, Agile Compute and SMART.


Day 1 @ 14:35

So What’s Next?

We’ve been blindsided and rattled by the pandemic and in some cases are still feeling the aftershocks,teaching and learning (as we knew it) was flipped on its head and we have all had to adapt, shift andbuild new techniques to deliver as best as we possibly can.

We have leveraged technology, fundamentally changed and seen some of the ways we have been ableto deliver remote learning and I believe we are at a point where we ask ourselves: So what’s next?

We invite you to join Lenovo’s Hassan Baickdeli, Head of Emerging Technology and Solutions for anintroduction into taking some of these practices and implementations to the next level and understandingkey requirements from the learning, security, social and enablement layers that focuses on the ideathat teaching as well as learning is something you do, not somewhere you go.
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last published: 04/Aug/21 10:15 GMT
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