Giancarlo Brotto | Global Education Advisor, Cofounder and Executive Director Catalyst
SMART Technologies Inc | Australia

Giancarlo Brotto, Global Education Advisor, Cofounder and Executive Director Catalyst, SMART Technologies Inc


Day 1 @ 13:00

How Pandemics Revel the Need for Green Shirts

Ten years ago, Derek Sivers stood on the TED stage and eloquently delivered his talk on “How to start a movement” in under 3 minutes.In that short time he revealed to the world the importance of leadership as well as an important insight through the use of a shirtless dancing person and someone in a green shirt. (It is recommended you watch his talk before joining this session).Over 20 years ago Giancarlo was among the educators that defined one of Ontario’s first ever fully digital schools...since then he has been supporting school systems across the globe transition to digital.When the pandemic forced the closure of schools he brought together thousands of high level school system leaders and among them perhaps one of the largest ongoing global gatherings of senior education government officials to uncover the challenges and opportunities the pandemic presented their nations.In this talk, Giancarlo will reveal some of the insight gained from the last 20 years and its connection to the common themes that emerged from leaders since the pandemic forced school systems to transform. More importantly, he will connect the importance and need for more of us to wear green shirts as the world enters a new era of education transformation.

Day 2 @ 12:10

Improving the Impact of Technology on Learning Outcomes

Schools and school systems have been integrating technology into teaching and learning practices for over 30 years with varying degrees of intensity and impact. Over the last 7 months almost every school system has had to rapidly adopt a high a degree of technology to ensure the continuity of curriculum, and we will soon see what the impact will be. As a continuation from the keynote, “How Pandemics Revel the Need forGreen Shirts,”this session is designed for school and school system leadersor others that work in a position to support educators/leaders to come together to unpack the conditions needed to ensure the recent adoption of technology leads to improved learning outcomes. This is a minds-on active session so come prepared to participate and interconnect with the thoughts and opinions of other participants.
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