Georgina Blix | Director
Blix Architecture

Georgina Blix, Director, Blix Architecture

Georgina is the founder of Blix Architecture, a design studio working with clients like Ravenswood School for Girls. As a passionate designer, Georgina has been developing practical ways wellbeing research can be applied to the design and masterplanning of schools. This design studio focuses on how we understand, design for, and rate wellbeing with a particular focus on urban design, education, and architecture. Georgina has over 15 years experience in architecture designing cities, schools and mixed use precincts. She is a registered architect with a Professional Certificate of Applied Positive Psychology from the University of Melbourne. As a board member of Ravenswood School for Girls, she has a passion for supporting education and is optimistic about the impact the architecture community can have on individual and community wellbeing.

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