Fatemeh Aminpour | Associate Lecturer

Fatemeh Aminpour, Associate Lecturer, UNSW

Dr Fatemeh Aminpour is currently an Associate Lecturer (Ed-focused) in the program of Landscape Architecture in UNSW and a Research Associate in the City Futures Research Centre. Her area of research interest is children’s environments. She has an extensive experience of designing and researching school environments with a particular interest in inclusive school design and participatory methodologies in research with children. She holds a PhD from the University of New South Wales in Environment-Behaviour research and her Bachelor of Architecture and Master of Architecture from the University of Tehran, Iran. Her PhD project explored the role of in-between spaces within outdoor school environments in children’s expression of agency.


Day 1 @ 11:00

Involving children in school design: lessons to learn from participatory research with children

  • The benefits of participatory research with children that can not be achieved in non-participatory research
  • Age-appropriate research methods with children
  • The benefits of using observational methods alongside participatory methods to achieve a more robust result.
  • The power of triangulation
last published: 04/Aug/21 10:15 GMT
last published: 04/Aug/21 10:15 GMT
last published: 04/Aug/21 10:15 GMT

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