Erica Southgate | Associate Professor - Emerging Technologies for Education
University of Newcastle

Erica Southgate, Associate Professor - Emerging Technologies for Education, University of Newcastle

Erica is a teacher educator and maker of computer games for literacy. Erica is an expert on AI ethics for education and lead researcher on the VR School Study, the longest-running research on integrating VR into primary and secondary school classrooms across subject areas. She is lead author on the Australian Government commissioned report, ‘Artificial Intelligence and Emerging Technologies (AR, MR and VR) in Schools’ and author of ‘Virtual Reality in Curriculum and Pedagogy: Evidence from Secondary Classrooms’ (Routledge).


Day 1 @ 13:20

Integrating virtual reality into classrooms: a multi-school study with curriculum, pedagogical and learning insights.

This presentation reports on findings from a multi-site study on the integration of accessible virtual reality (VR) in middle and secondary schools in South Australia. The presentation will cover the research methodology and pedagogical frameworks for using VR in classrooms, curriculum design and the practical integration of the technology in different classrooms and subject areas (science, mathematics, and technology) and impact on learning outcomes. The presentation will showcase students as virtual world content creators and the potential for using this spatialised media as a unique space for students to demonstrate content mastery, communication skills and creativity.

last published: 06/Jun/23 07:45 GMT

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