Eric Land | Principal Education Officer, Learning Design and Development
NSW Department of Education | Australia

Eric Land, Principal Education Officer, Learning Design and Development, NSW Department of Education

A former school teacher and leader I am a passionate educator with a drive to see technology incorporated with purpose in classrooms across NSW and beyond! I now inspire coordinated change in technology pedagogy and learning in Public Schools across NSW with specialties in E-learning, design and professional development! I am driven everyday to inspire others to create opportunities for students to gain the skills to succeed and solve the problems of tomorrow!


Day 2 @ 11:30

Build your schools Digital Foundation with the Digital Maturity Framework

Are you keen to develop your school’s digital capacity? Not sure where to begin?The Digital Maturity Framework is designed to support leaders and teachers to:Assess where they sit on the school technology spectrumDevelop a pathway to build skills, capacity and innovationReflect on their progress and drive the adoption of a continuous approach to learning, innovation and improvementWHY ATTEND?Get help to strategically plan your professional learning journey with technologyDiscover how to reflect on your learning and continue to build on your technology foundationUnderstand how to inspire others at your school to think critically about their technology professional learning narrative
last published: 30/Oct/20 06:35 GMT
last published: 30/Oct/20 06:35 GMT
last published: 30/Oct/20 06:35 GMT

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