Elizabeth Johnson | Deputy Vice-Chancellor Education
Deakin University | Australia

Elizabeth Johnson, Deputy Vice-Chancellor Education, Deakin University


Day 2 @ 13:00

The online student experience

Deakin University is a multi-modal educator offering premium online and on-campus learning. Our insights from the COVID-19 pandemic re-focus our curriculum renewal and recommend:
  • Invest in managing student expectations and build confidence with familiar tools.. Choose reliable technologies or treat any new learning experience as a shared trial.
  • Practical learning can and should be multi-modal. Choose the format that best fits the intended learning outcomes and maximises student access to learning. Don’t assume that on-campus is always better than online or vice versa.
  • Prepare students to work together. Give them tools and strategies to collaborate online and build their skills. Make good use of the strengths of online in managing information and workflow, and offer multi-modal interactions with either synchronous or asynchronous modes so groups can find the most effective approach.
last published: 29/Oct/20 05:25 GMT
last published: 29/Oct/20 05:25 GMT
last published: 29/Oct/20 05:25 GMT

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