Edwina Lee | Enterprise Capability Lead

Edwina Lee, Enterprise Capability Lead, ANZ

Edwina’s curiosity in understanding human behaviour and growth underpins her career. Currently, she’s perusing this passion at ANZ as a Strategic Capability lead, helping the Bank build the most critical capabilities required for today and the future. Re-imagining ANZ’s learning ecosystem in a digital era is key to this upskill agenda. 
Prior to ANZ, Edwina was a consultant partnering with a range of organisations, including universities, banks, power stations and mines. She’s worked across a broad Organisational Development spectrum helping leaders build their own capability, as well as the capability of their teams and organisations to deliver what matters most.


Day 2 @ 10:00

Personalised capability development at scale

  • With recruitment and retention challenges on one front, and upskill/reskill opportunities on another, ANZ has begun experimenting with approaches to strategic capability development, with a focus on achieving measurable business impact
  • Learn how ANZ is finding the balance between personalisation and scale when it comes to capability development  
last published: 08/Jun/23 03:25 GMT

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