Dr Wesley Imms | Director, Learning Environments Applied Research Network
University of Melbourne - Melbourne Graduate School of Education

Dr Wesley Imms, Director, Learning Environments Applied Research Network, University of Melbourne - Melbourne Graduate School of Education

Dr Wesley Imms is Associate Professor of Education in the Melbourne Graduate School of Education, a Director of the University of Melbourne's Learning Environments Applied Research Network (LEaRN), and Director of LEaRN@MGSE.  In these roles he teaches into Masters and Doctoral programs on subjects that bridge curriculum and learning environments and conducts research projects working with individual schools through to whole education systems.  He has authored approximately 80 scholarly papers, government and industry research reports and books on learning environments use and evaluation.  He has secured over $13M in external funding for this research.  He is currently principal supervisor to 10 PhD theses on learning environments, involving students from five countries and four Australian states.  

Associate Professor Imms has been Lead Chief Investigator on Australian Research Council Linkage projects that are building an extensive evidence base on learning environment use, including the now completed Evaluating 21st century Learning Environments, and currently the significant Innovative Learning Environments and Teacher Change (ILETC) project.  The latter involves 15 partner organisations across four countries including Learning Environments Australia, Telstra Australia, Ecophon (Sweden) Steelcase (USA) the New Zealand Ministry of Education, and the Education Departments of NSW, Queensland and the ACT.  He is also lead Chief Investigator on the significant Plans to Pedagogy project building teacher spatial competency skills in schools across Australia and New Zealand.


Day 2 @ 10:15

Mapping our future together: How industries are helping researchers define future innovative space design and use. (Introducing LEaRN’s ILE+SE Project.)

The large ILETC research project concluded in 2020, a major finding being the future of innovative learning environment design and use lies in closer international collaboration between education, research and allied design/infrastructure industries.But how can this be facilitated?A creative solution is an initial quick scoping study. Digitally based in this COVID time, the ILE+SE Scoping Study project will bring together about 70 experts in ILE design from over 16 countries, to collaborate on conceptualising the next generation of ILE research.Its driving question is, What knowledge does industry and education need to advance the effectiveness of ILEs? Its driving ambition is to provide all stakeholders in ILE development the type of data they need to move beyond current thinking.In this talk you will hear…
  • What is the emerging ‘new focus’ of ILE development?
  • How industries, education authorities and researchers can effectively plan for this future.
  • How we can draw upon the common ILE thinking between education, research and industry, across dozens of countries.
last published: 04/Aug/21 10:15 GMT
last published: 04/Aug/21 10:15 GMT
last published: 04/Aug/21 10:15 GMT

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