Dr Dr Marian Mahat | Senior Research Fellow, LEaRN
University of Melbourne | Australia

Dr Dr Marian Mahat, Senior Research Fellow, LEaRN, University of Melbourne

Dr Marian Mahat is a Senior Research Fellow at the Melbourne Graduate School of Education in the University of Melbourne. Working across multiple fields of inquiry, utilising innovative quantitative and qualitative methodologies and interdisciplinary collaboration with other universities, industry and schools, her research spans co-designing curriculum and pedagogy, teacher-led inquiry and teachers professional development across multiple educational and learning environment contexts to engender improvements in the learning and outcomes of students.


Day 2 @ 10:55

Be(com)ing an engaged citizen

There is an increasing need for academic research to be more practically relevant, with pleas for greater engagement between researchers and practitioners in a learning community. Featuring policy partners in New South Wales and Queensland Departments of Education, this video presentation discusses how academic-policy collaboration influence effective, engaged scholarship in a multi-disciplinary project involving academics, policy makers and business practitioners.
last published: 08/Nov/20 22:25 GMT
last published: 08/Nov/20 22:25 GMT
last published: 08/Nov/20 22:25 GMT

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