Delvene Neilson | Head Of Customer Success

Delvene Neilson, Head Of Customer Success, ClickView

Having been in education for over 20 years, Delvene is fiercely passionate about improving teaching and learning. Delvene began her journey as a classroom teacher then worked as an Innovation and Excellence Coordinator, supporting clusters of schools in developing skills and practice to improve teaching and learning. Delvene’s areas of passion in education are around building student voice, enhancing student collaboration, and developing teaching practice.

Following her success in developing high-functioning customer success teams at 3P and ClickView, Delvene is now ClickView’s Chief Customer Officer. Delvene’s passionate leadership at ClickView has contributed to an impressive 99% retention rate within Australian schools and the launch of ClickView in the US. 

Delvene is committed to improving student outcomes and teachers’ access to quality resources around the globe.


Day 2 @ 14:20

Teaching to a video-first generation: Adapting pedagogy for the TikTok and Snapchat era

Research tells us that the average secondary student spends 59 minutes on Youtube and up to 70 minutes on Tiktok per day. 

Leaders and teachers are universally aware the learners in our schools opt for video when learning a new skill in their personal life but how do we leverage this preference for video to support learning outcomes? 

In an attempt to engage and share relatable video content lessons, teachers flock to Youtube. 

Chances are during your time as an educator you’ve encountered at least one of these challenges:1.    Wasted hours searching for the right video to complement a lesson2.    Searches have returned low-quality or inaccurate videos that simply aren’t designed for the classroom 3.    Ads interrupt precious lesson flow 4.    Video requires clipping or pausing at the right moment5.    You’ve found the perfect video - now time to create the lesson resources to support itWith more than 500 hours of content added per minute, Youtube has an unbeatable range of content but does this make it the best place for teachers to spend their time? 

Join us as we explore what research tells us about today's learners' preferences, the challenges teachers face and how you can make positive changes at your school to better accommodate your learner's preferences while maximising teacher lesson planning time.  

last published: 08/Jun/23 03:25 GMT

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