Deirdre Farrar | eLearning Resource Teacher
Mount St Benedict College

Deirdre Farrar, eLearning Resource Teacher, Mount St Benedict College

Deirdre is an esteemed educator with 15 years of teaching experience in secondary schools, and a passion for enhancing student learning with the help of technology. With a strong interest in how students learn, she has worked extensively in eLearning for the past 8 years, collaborating closely with teachers and support staff to develop and implement effective eLearning strategies.

Her expertise in the field has led to her taking a leadership role in the implementation of a new Learning Management System, revolutionising the way teachers interact with their students in the classroom. With her innovative approach to education and unwavering dedication to student success, she has been able to transform learning experiences for students and teachers alike.

As an experienced presenter, she has extensive experience sharing her knowledge and insights with others in the education field. She aims to inspire and empower educators to embrace new technologies and eLearning strategies that can enhance student learning and prepare them for success in the digital age.


Day 1 @ 14:40

Transforming education: Harnessing the power of AI to enhance student learning

  • The benefits of using AI to improve student learning
  • How to structure prompts to get the most out of AI
  • How AI can be used to save teachers time
last published: 08/Jun/23 03:25 GMT

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