David Hall | Senior School Campus Principal
Sandringham College

David Hall, Senior School Campus Principal, Sandringham College

Sandringham College is my 7th teaching placement but only my 3rd in Australia.  Starting my teaching career at Melbourne High School in 1990; it was at the turn of the century that my wife and I started our international teaching sojourn. Penang, Malaysia, then HCMC Vietnam before returning home and starting at Haileybury, where amongst other things, I worked as a part of the teaching in China program. 

I was thrown into leadership in Vietnam when our then director of studies, Mr Jon Elwood was tragically killed in the Bali Bombing of 2002 and in many ways, I have been involved with the leadership of schools at various levels ever since. From Haileybury Keysborough to Jeju Island, South Korea and onwards to the Canadian International School in Singapore, my educational journey has been a vivid one. We returned to Melbourne in 2018 and I was lucky enough to pick up a position at Sandringham SC as the Campus Principal (senior school). It is here, in my local state school, that the use of effectively managed data as a tool for improving all student outcomes was set in the spotlight. With the goal of producing students with strong academic outcomes and young people of good character, this amazing local school sets the scene for an on-going data journey.


Day 1 @ 11:25

From Excel to Edu-Intelligence: A journey through the on-going development of a data management tool

From excel downloads, mass individualisation of data, and pieces of paper in pigeon holes, to an ever evolving data management system that provides a 3 dimensional look at each cohort, house, class and individual.
  • What data are we actually collecting?
  • What data do we think we will be useful in improving our student-based outcomes?
  • What is the best way to access and present the 3,000,000+ data points that we collect each year, given a school community with the regular amount of ICT confidence and diversity?
  • How can we effectively share that data with our students and parents?
  • How can we use this data tool to both add value to each one of the students in our care and to, in real time, find those students that are slipping quietly through the cracks? Data driven differentiation.
  • What could the future look like?
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