Dan Heap | Assistant Director
Academy of Future Skills - ACT Education Directorate

Dan Heap, Assistant Director, Academy of Future Skills - ACT Education Directorate

Having taught in primary schools for the previous 12 years, Dan is currently working with the Academy of Future Skills as an instructional mentor, supporting P-12 teachers across the ACT Public Education system to embed high quality STEM teaching and learning. Using a cross-disciplinary approach to teaching, Dan takes the technology out of the technology classroom and into the real world, incorporating all learning areas to create meaningful, contextual and deep learning for all students. Dan is passionate about empowering teachers and students to critically analyse real world problems to take action, look for solutions and improve futures for everyone.


Day 2 @ 10:20

Taking action with the technologies curriculum

Too often, technologies are taught as stand-alone subjects with little meaning beyond teaching the content outlined by the Technologies Curriculum. This presentation will provide participants with an understanding of how to incorporate empathy into technologies lessons to take action and tackle the world’s problems. Through an unpacking of the curriculum documents, attendees will gain a better understanding of user stories, problem definition and success criteria and will then be guided through how and where to find meaningful problems to solve, from looking within a school, in the local community and even in other curriculum content areas. 

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