Coby Reynolds | Senior Consultant
The EduTec Alliance

Coby Reynolds, Senior Consultant, The EduTec  Alliance

Coby is a Senior Consultant for EduTec Alliance, a non-for-profit organisation supporting digital transformation projects for schools and educational organisations across the globe. He has extensive teaching and technology leadership experience in schools in the Middle East, Asia and Australia. Coby is passionate about supporting all stakeholders to better understand how technology can improve all aspects of teaching and learning. He also offers bespoke professional learning and support with Apple technology through his role as an Apple Professional Learning Specialist, and holds a voluntary position on DLVT Committee of Management in Victoria.


Day 2 @ 10:00

Getting the best out of your ed-tech and keeping it there

- overview of current EdTech trends (positive and negative) from across the globe - identifying Cross-Industry Best Practice (CIBP) to assess and improve your current EdTech environment.- discuss practical models and samples of real-world practice of digital transformation projects in schools.- reviewing, refreshing and redefining your digital strategy now for the future.

last published: 08/Jun/23 03:25 GMT

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