Cleo Westhorpe | Founder and Director
The Inclusive School

Cleo Westhorpe, Founder and Director, The Inclusive School

Cleo is a passionate teacher, inclusive education leader, geographer and mentor in the world of education. Equal parts educator and entrepreneur, she loves working with students, teachers and principals to foster inclusive classrooms and schools where all voices are heard, amplified and embraced. Innovation, collaboration, care and compassion drive her practice and professional growth.

The Inclusive School
The Inclusive School is a Melbourne-based consultancy and team of experts passionate about inclusive education approaches in schools to support all learners. Inspired by the work of Shulman (2005), Rouse (2009), Sharma (2018) and others in this space, The Inclusive School acknowledges the major factors that drive effective inclusive education: the professional 'work' of an inclusive educator encompasses the head (knowledge and theoretical background), the heart (ethical, attitudinal and beliefs we commit to), and the hands (the skills required for effective inclusive education) as essential for supporting diverse learners.

Pivot provides educators, school leaders and systems with evidence‐based tools and supports to help
students to thrive. Pivot is unique in providing a trusted “line of sight” on teaching and learning in schools – from student and classroom through to school leader and system executive. Pivot’s rich data, analysis and inbuilt strategies for improvement give insights to the right people at the right time, ensuring that everyone in our schools can grow, learn, and achieve.

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