Professor Chris Rogers | Department of Mechanical Engineering
Tufts University (USA)

Professor Chris Rogers, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Tufts University (USA)


Day 1 @ 10:45

Training versus coding: what will the basic computational thinking skills in classrooms be in 20 years?

As artificial intelligence grows in power and popularity, we have been struck with a new problem - implicit bias in AI algorithms.Projects like facial recognition, which are close to impossible to do in a scalable way with conventional coding, have suddenly become possible even for elementary school children with powerful neural nets like those behind they bring with it the limitation that the results are only as good as the training sets, implying that maybe the computational thinking problems of tomorrow will be centered more around the psychology questions of how to train equitably than the logical thinking skills of conventional coding.How will training and AI enter the classrooms?And at what age?
last published: 16/Aug/21 09:05 GMT
last published: 16/Aug/21 09:05 GMT
last published: 16/Aug/21 09:05 GMT

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