Blake Seufert | ICT Manager
McKinnon Secondary College

Blake Seufert, ICT Manager, McKinnon Secondary College

It’s an exciting time to be in education. Spending over 10 years working, consulting, training and building products for schools I’ve never been more convinced that thoughtful design paired with great technology is the best opportunity we have for rapidly improving education. I have been fortunate to work across many facets of Edtech, from consulting with Edtech companies like Google, Microsoft, etc to working with over 100 schools and school groups across Australia. I have lead the way with G Suite adoption in Australian schools becoming Australia's First Google Reference school along with developing systems like the confidence framework for improvements of EdTech.


Day 2 @ 09:50

Practical low cost IoT projects - How to implement connectivity

Digital adoption has surged in 2020 and student and teacher personal devices are now commonplace.As Internet enabled devices become more widespread, ICT managers and school leaders need to be prepared for the challenges and opportunities the IoT will bring. In this session attendees will hear how four innovative schools have enriched classroom learning and saved money through IoT adoption.

Day 2 @ 11:05

PANEL - Digital Transformation

With ICT underpinning almost all aspects of running a school, it's important that schools have access to actionable data that can inform future direction and improvements.In this session panellists will share how the Simple Framework for Digital Transformation has been used in a variety of school contexts to make evidenced-based decisions that create a culture of confident and effective technology use.

Day 2 @ 13:55

PANEL - How to get Principal support for your IT project

IT specialists often require the commitment of significant financial, human and capital resources to provide and secure powerful solutions.For IT leaders, it can feel frustrating when it seems your concerns are not being heard amidst the range of competing school priorities.In this session panellists share with attendees the evidence they provide to make the case for change and secure sponsorship for their next project.They will share with attendees how they go about aligning proposed solutions with school strategic planning.
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last published: 27/Jul/21 06:25 GMT
last published: 27/Jul/21 06:25 GMT

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