Anthony Sarina | TAS Curriculum Support Officer
NSW Department of Education | Australia

Anthony Sarina, TAS Curriculum Support Officer, NSW Department of Education

Tony Sarina is a TAS Curriculum Support Officer for the NSW Department of Education. He graduated as a Technology Teacher from Charles Sturt University in 2014. Prior to his work in Curriculum Support Tony taught Industrial Arts at Wagga Wagga High School. In addition to his work with NSW Department of Education he currently works casually for Charles Sturt University as a lecturer where he has designed, written and delivered subjects and tutorials for initial teacher training.


Day 2 @ 16:00

Introduction to TinkerCAD for stage 4 Digital Technology

Do you want to get started with simple circuits but don’t have the equipment? This session is for you! This session will provide participants with a brief overview of TinkerCAD circuits an online digital technologies virtualiser and how this free online program can be used to aid in the delivery of stage 4 Digital Technologies.WHY ATTEND?
  • Learn how to get your students coding and creating using an online circuit simulator
  • Discover the power of online tools to help meet digital technologies outcomes
  • Be empowered to start tomorrow with TinkerCAD Circuits a free online digital technologies virtualiser
last published: 29/Oct/20 05:25 GMT
last published: 29/Oct/20 05:25 GMT
last published: 29/Oct/20 05:25 GMT

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