Dr Anneliese Gill | Research Fellow, Centre for Wellbeing Science
Melbourne Graduate School of Education

Dr Anneliese Gill, Research Fellow, Centre for Wellbeing Science, Melbourne Graduate School of Education

Anneliese is a Teaching Specialist at the Centre for Wellbeing Science, The University of Melbourne, music educator and Fulbright Scholar. She is passionate about helping performing artists remain composed under pressure and reach their potential and regularly conducts performance mastery workshops and professional development sessions for music educators. Her research focuses on developing educational initiatives that foster self-efficacy, psychological performance skills, wellbeing and optimal performance in young people with a particular interest in performing artists. This has included the design, implementation and evaluation of an online teacher-facilitated programs for secondary school students targeting wellbeing, self-efficacy, psychological performance skills and performance preparation.


Day 1 @ 15:20

Ed Tech to enhance school-based wellbeing education: Strengths and limitations

This presentation will outline:

  • Steps involved in the online conversion of a face-to-face wellbeing program that focusses on the mind-body connection.
  • Key findings arising from discovery sessions held with staff and students from government and independent schools during and following the online conversion of this newly developed wellbeing program. 
  • The challenges involved in incorporating the use of personalised biofeedback into the program. 
  • Initiatives implemented to ensure that the online program was youth friendly and engaging, and could be flexibly delivered within the curriculum by school staff without any specialised wellbeing knowledge. 
  • Key take aways - technology matters to young people when learning about wellbeing, particularly if it aids their self-knowledge by making wellbeing education more tangible and personalised. 

Day 2 @ 10:00

Music performance anxiety - where to from here?

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