Angela Wood | Business Development Manager
Pact IT Solutions

Angela Wood, Business Development Manager, Pact IT Solutions

Angela is a certified trainer, and has a business degree from University of SA. For the past 20 years, Angela has worked with a wide variety of private schools in Adelaide and Sydney. Her primary focus has been assisting schools to improve their core processes, from student admin to teaching & learning and financial management. More recently, she has worked with Microsoft 365 as the basis for improving staff engagement, collaboration, document control, records management, and classroom learning in schools.


Day 2 @ 11:35

Modernise Your Educational Programs with Collaborative Learning with Microsoft Teams

The COVID-19 pandemic has created the most severe global education disruption in history. As a result, digital technologies have become essential to the education experience.In this session, we'll share stories from end users and leading organisations and show you how Microsoft Teams and other cloud services (you may already own) can be used to:
  • Provide a unified experience for students and staff
  • Engage with parents in the hybrid learning environment
  • Deliver highly collaborative, bite-size learning
  • Validate program quality and accreditation
  • Provide secure online exams and proctoring
This session is ideal for leaders from education institutions and corporate training providers seeking best practices to evolve their e-learning programs and harness the power of technology to supplement and enhance face-to-face learning.
last published: 28/Jul/21 23:15 GMT
last published: 28/Jul/21 23:15 GMT
last published: 28/Jul/21 23:15 GMT

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