Amanda Lizier | Lecturer And Researcher
University of Technology Sydney |

Amanda Lizier, Lecturer And Researcher, University of Technology Sydney

Amanda is a workplace learning researcher and practitioner who creates a conduit between theory and practice. Amanda is passionate about using cutting-edge research to improve learning and development systems and practices.

As a highly regarded learning and development practitioner with a unique 20 year background, Amanda has experience in all aspects of learning and development across an array of industries. Her practical experience informs her work as a workplace and professional learning researcher and lecturer at the University of Technology Sydney. Amanda’s research uses complexity theory to understand the practices of work and learning in organisations.

Amanda holds degrees in psychology, sociology, workplace and professional learning, and adult education. In addition to teaching in the Master of Education (Learning and Leadership) at the University of Technology Sydney, Amanda also works with organisations on research and strategic learning and development projects.

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