Amanda Frampton | Learning Delivery Specialist
Microsoft Australia

Amanda Frampton, Learning Delivery Specialist, Microsoft Australia

Amanda is a previous teacher who is passionate about integrating ICT into the Curriculum and moving classrooms to places of creation with technology rather than simply consumption.  Amanda currently works for Microsoft as a Learning Delivery Specialist and works closely with School Systems, Individual Schools and teachers to facilitate the transformation of their practice to include effective ICT integration and to empower students to achieve more.


Day 1 @ 11:00

Creativity with Windows

Bring new realities into your classroom with Paint 3D. Learn how to create 3D structures and scenes and view them in Mixed Reality on your Windows PC. Learn how to weave downloadable or custom 3D objects and effects into videos to add dimension and pizza!! Incorporate Minecraft Builds into your units and export as 3D objects to interact with as well.

Day 2 @ 12:05

Go Team! Your Hybrid classroom made easy with Microsoft Teams

With Microsoft Teams, everything you need for your hybrid classroom is at your fingertips. In this session, explore the Teams dashboard, assignments, grades, and Insights as well as embedded apps for inclusivity and equity like Immersive Reader and Reading Progress.

Day 2 @ 13:00

Supporting social and emotional learning with Microsoft tools

This course will help to introduce you to social and emotional learning and give you practical ways to use Microsoft tools such as Minecraft and Flipgrid to augment and enhance this learning in your school.
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last published: 04/Aug/21 10:15 GMT
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