Adrian Cotterell | Director of Studies
Emmaus Christian College

Adrian Cotterell, Director of Studies, Emmaus Christian College

Adrian currently serves as the Director of Studies at Emmaus Christian College in South Australia. With a background in postgraduate studies focused on quality assessment design, Adrian emphasises the importance of expert teachers guiding the integration of AI technologies in their classrooms. He believes that educators, rather than the tech industry, should drive the narrative surrounding AI in classrooms.


Day 2 @ 13:00

AI-enhanced Assessment: Socratic Dialogue

Socratic Dialogue offers a rich form of assessment, encouraging students to ask and answer questions while fostering critical thinking and deepening their understanding of a topic. We will explore the benefits of incorporating Socratic Dialogue into your assessments and discuss how Generative AI can streamline the process, making it more accessible for both teachers and students. This approach enables students to engage in impactful AI-enhanced discussions that assess their knowledge while also training young people to effectively use these emerging technologies to support their personal agency.

last published: 08/Jun/23 03:25 GMT

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