Adam King | P-12 Instructional Designer
Suncoast Christian College

Adam King, P-12 Instructional Designer, Suncoast Christian College

Adam has a passion for integrating technology into curriculum. Holding a Master of Education, he brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise in leveraging educational technology to enhance student learning experiences. Adam's role at Suncoast Christian College includes managing the subscriptions to online learning platforms, while ensuring students and teachers have access to cutting-edge educational resources. He is highly skilled in designing and implementing instructional materials that incorporate technology, helping students develop digital literacy skills and thrive in the digital age. In addition to his instructional design responsibilities, Adam also provides coaching and professional development to teachers, supporting them in incorporating technology effectively in their classrooms. He has a keen interest in Lego Robotics and STEM education, fostering a hands-on, experiential learning approach that ignites students' curiosity and creativity. With his innovative mindset and dedication to educational technology, Adam King is making a significant impact on the educational landscape, empowering students, and teachers alike to embrace the potential of technology in education.


Day 2 @ 14:40

PANEL - Robotics: Pedagogy before Play

last published: 08/Jun/23 03:25 GMT

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