Aaron Simson-Woods | Education Coach for Victoria and Queensland
AVID Australia at Victoria University

Aaron Simson-Woods, Education Coach for Victoria and Queensland, AVID Australia at Victoria University

Aaron initially trained as a physical education teacher in Queensland, and has taught both overseas and domestically. His passion is Outdoor Education. Prior to working for AVID Australia, he worked as an outdoor educator, workplace trainer assessor, TAFE teacher and teaching focused academic for the First Year College at Victoria University. 

Aaron is responsible for working with school site teams and coordinators to help with the implementation of the AVID system. Recommending and customising modules based on schools strategic planning and priorities for school wide improvement. As well as delivering high quality professional learning to school staff. 

Aaron currently on the school council for Rubicon Outdoor School. Aaron has a Bachelor of Health Sport and Physical Education, Graduate Certificate in Tertiary Education and is currently completing a Master of Education. 

Aaron is motivated by upskilling educators to provide high quality teaching and learning. 


Day 2 @ 15:20

Improving student outcomes through WICOR: AVID's teaching and learning framework

This presentation seeks to introduce the audience to AVID Australia's Teaching and Learning Framework: WICOR. WICOR stands for Writing, Inquiry, Collaboration, Organisation and Reading and places students at the centre of their learning. Teachers in all content areas can intentionally incorporate WICOR strategies into their classrooms. However, research demonstrates that WICOR works best as a school-wide approach, as it transforms instruction, systems, leadership, and culture. The presentation will summarise the large body of evidence which validates the impact that WICOR has on raising the achievement standard of students. Finally, a selection of AVID's evidence based WICOR pedagogical practices will be workshopped as a means of developing teachers’ toolboxes.  

last published: 08/Jun/23 03:25 GMT

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