EduTECH 2023


23 August 2023, Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre

10am – 4pm | Limited spots available





EduTECH's pre-event Workshops will be a full day hands on class with qualified trainers that will provide participants with the opportunity to immerse themselves in the collaborative exploration of innovative ideas, emerging practices and transformative approaches to learning, teaching and leading.



WORKSHOP 1: Computational learning adventures - craft, coding, and creativity
Gary Stager, Founder & CEO, Constructing Modern Knowledge

This hands-on workshop helps educators respond to the growing calls to teach computing and computer science for all children at a time where there is literal clarity on what that means, but there are already millions of BBC micro:bits in schools. Never before has so much power been accessible to children at such a low price. Participants will gain experience programming the micro:bit and model strategies for teaching physical computing. We will also explore and use a variety of programming environments, similar boards, and extensions. A small mountain of materials will be available for use. This workshop is hands-on and welcomes all experience levels. Projects from the new "Invent To Learn Guide to the micro:bit" will be shared in addition to discussions of how the micro:bit may be used to most effectively teach powerful computational ideas from math, science, physical computing, and computer science. This approach animates project-based learning, democratizes experience, and appeals to a diverse population of students than when we reduce robotics to competitive combat.

In addition to physical computing adventures with the micro:bit, participants in this workshop will be introduced to MakeCode arcade, allowing for the creation of video games to carry in your pocket; laser cutting 18-month olds; programming geometric embroidery; the frontiers of mathematics with Wolfram Language; plus exciting programming languages for learning including MicroBlocks, Turtle Art, Lynx, and Snap!




WORKSHOP 2: Building esports into the curriculum
MJ Raatz, Head of Department – Digital Technologies and Business, Forest Lake State High School

In this workshop you will take a look at Esports as a curriculum. Look how to include Esports across the curriculum in genuine activities that adds fun and excitement to your standard curriculum content. We will look at how to use both online and offline gaming systems within your classroom. During the workshop we will look at Australian Curriculum version 9, and how to embed these achievement standards into your planning and how to write you own elaborations through a three step planning process. You will have an opportunity to invest some time in some challenging situations, and learn some basic coaching principles. Best of all, you’ll receive a bunch of learning resources and planning documents to help kick start your journey into this awesome curriculum area of esports.




WORKSHOP 3: How to create VR learning experiences to improve engagement and learning in K-12 classrooms
Gina L. Solano, Assistant Professor of Ed Tech, State University of New York, Oneonta

Virtual escape rooms are an engaging and powerful activity that promotes curiosity, critical thinking, and collaboration by challenging students to discover content, answer questions, and even solve puzzles that open digital locks. One technology tool that can be used to create VR learning experiences is ThingLink. It is an amazing tool that you can use to easily create a virtual reality learning experience, simulation, or escape room. By using free or low-cost tools, such as ThingLink, you have the advantage of integrating graphics, media, 360° images, 3D models, polls, and questioning tools that fully engage and immerse students into a dynamic. Come to learn how to design an immersive learning experience that reinforces learning, provides choices, and engages students with interactive content. If you are already a fan of VR, Breakout EDU escape rooms, and multimedia, then you definitely need to discover how to design your own amazing learning experiences!


  1. Discover a great low-cost tech tool that supports virtual learning.
  2. Explore and learn about ThingLink.
  3. Experience a variety of ThingLink activities.
  4. Experiment by learning how to use the tools to create a ThingLink experience.
  5. Familiarize yourself with free multimedia resources to use in a VR experience
  6. Work independently or with a partner to create a VR experience.
  7. Practice utilizing the polling and questioning tools to embed critical thinking activities.
  8. Identify strategies for how to use VR experiences in a variety of ways.
  9. Identify similar products to ThingLink that will allow you to create VR learning experiences.
  10. Participate in a VR escape room activity.



Morning Session: BricQ Motion Prime

Led by - Justin Pembroke, STEM & Digital Pedagogies Coach, Baringa State Primary School

This workshop delves into the world of BricQ Motion Prime and its potential for creating immersive learning experiences. Through hands-on exploration of the physical sciences toolkit, participants will discover how subject-specific knowledge and skills can be seamlessly integrated into transformative educational experiences.

Using the BricQ Motion Prime, we will examine how humans have adapted to various tasks and occupations by developing mechanisms and tools to enhance their safety, efficiency, and quality in producing and handling food. Upon completion of the workshop, participants can expect to gain knowledge of the BricQ Motion Prime kit and its components, as well as an eagerness to teach content in novel ways. They will also acquire the skills to explore alternative pedagogies when teaching STEM subjects, an understanding of how play can revolutionize learning, and insight into how to effectively manage the kits within a classroom environment.


Afternoon Session: Rethinking STEM

Led by - Soula Bennett, Director, Quantum Victoria and the Quantum Team

The integration of Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Maths (STEAM) gives students the opportunity to connect ideas, knowledge, and techniques, combining them in new and interesting ways. STEAM education encourages engaging and integrated teaching, helping students to think in a future-orientated-, ‘what-if’ mindset, through innovation and problem-solving.

The ability to critically and creatively think as well as solve problems is necessary to prepare our students for a rapidly evolving future. When a student can relate a concept to their own lives, they are more likely to be motivated to learn about it, and more likely to retain the knowledge. Hands-on, minds-on, real world challenges with the LEGO Education SPIKE portfolio is a great way to ensure your students from early to middle years are engaged in STEAM learning whilst having fun.



WORKSHOP 5: Grok Academy
Morning Session: Unlocking the power of AI in education

The objective of this workshop is to explore the potential of AI in primary and secondary education. Participants will gain a deeper understanding of AI concepts, tools, and resources, and how they can be leveraged to enhance teaching and learning experiences. Through interactive sessions and practical activities, the workshop aims to inspire educators to explore the possibilities of AI in their classroom, discuss ethical considerations, challenges, and develop ideas about incorporating AI in primary and secondary education.


Afternoon Session: Transforming K-12 education with innovative Digital Technology pedagogies

The objective of this workshop is to explore and discuss effective computer science pedagogies in primary and secondary education. The workshop aims to engage participants in interactive sessions to understand the diverse pedagogical approaches, share best practices, and develop practical strategies for integrating these into the curriculum.





• You can gain up to 6 hours of CPD accreditation

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