Tsunagaru - Edutech

Innovation Alley Exhibitor

Tsunagaru in Japanese means “To connect” Our digital transformation (DX), and e-learning solutions and services help public and private organisations to accelerate digitalisation, reducing significant costs with smart solutions and e-learning technologies. Manabu VLe is our key development with solid evidence-based research approach; aiming to be the next generation of e-learning softwares and we call it VLe (Virtual Learning Ecosystems). Our software will reduce the complexity and unnecessary-unused features on current learning systems, modular, simple navigation interface and integration social learning tools. Focused on social interaction-learning, team leaderboard and pointing systems that directly benefits team, staff and communities. Keeping in mind our Japanese minimalist design approach. Accredited-registered as DX enterprise by Institute of Systems, Information Technologies and Nanotechnologies (ISIT) and Fukuoka City DX Program, Japan.