The first comprehensive wellbeing platform for schools. Monitor wellbeing with surveys and enrich wellbeing with interactive courses. Truwell is a one stop shop for all your school wellbeing needs.

The main features of Truwell are:

• Interactive and short surveys for:

o Teacher wellbeing

o Support Staff Wellbeing

o Student wellbeing

o Student Safety

o Parent Satisfaction

o Exit Surveys

• Work on all browsers and made for all devices.

• Surveys can be customised by your school.

• At the end of each survey a personalised letter is generated, the letter is customisable by your school and allows schools to not only monitor, but to be proactive with school wellbeing.

• Simple to use dashboard to view wellbeing trends.

• 21 interactive and multimedia wellbeing courses.

• Microlearning student wellbeing program.

• At the end of all the courses, personalised summaries generate.

• Student wellbeing program videos can be customised by your school, upload videos of your students and school leaders discussing different wellbeing topics, we even provide the scripts.

Schools are warmly invited to trial Truwell for free for six weeks.