TinDoLand Pty Limited


Rolling Fun was founded in 2017 with a simple mission, to inspire kids to enjoy culturally healthy eating.
With a play-based learning approach, young kids experience emotional learning through their right brains. They jump levels from Zero to One in making yummy food with our innovative workshop.
Rolling Fun brings fun times, good food and a gateway to culture to young students in early learning centres and primary schools. The workshop fully covers curriculum in healthy eating and intercultural capability. Teachers run mess-free workshops with provided online and offline resources. Students not only learn about healthy eating and cultural aspects but also participate and enjoy multiple fun art-form activities. They get home with the toolkit set to show and instruct their families. Kids get hands-on experience to master a skill in making food, from school to home. It's the hybrid model of school and home learning.
Kids learn, be competent and enjoy tasting a healthy food choice, rice paper rolls. It's just that simple.
This program aligns with Victoria's Obesity Prevention strategy.
Thousands of kids and families have experienced our workshops and toolkit sets. We target to reach more through this Expo.
You truly can give us a hand.